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I am so excited about seeing the latest "every 15 minutes" video from Granada and Livermore High Schools May 20& 21, 2014. My daughter Misty who was a Granada High senior this year was one of the living dead. She has been wanting to be a part of this program since way back before she started school at Hranada. It was SSSOO important to her that although I had a few reservations about doing this (I lost a child in 2009) I decided that we would do it and I am so glad that we did. It was definitely an emotionally moving experience, Yhis subject touches upon a parents greatest fear and a teenagers greatest danger. By educating us all, the parents, the students, their families and friends we can make a difference. Yis program has shown dramatically its effectiveness for saving lives and I applaud it. If this program cannot make an impact so deep it will never be forgotten then nthing will. No stone is left unturned to open the eyes of, raise the awareness of the dangers, and the realness of the consequences for each and every one of us. It was traumatically touching and heartbreaking and I still just have this whole program in my heart and I will pass on the message forever. It's important, it's effective and it's so worthwhile. It's saving the lives of our children. My heart goes out to the parents who told their stories of loss and I know how ha but you are needed to make that impact and thankyou so very much for sharing your intimate and personal stories. I know it must give you, however so small, a tiny piece of something good coming from your tragedy. Thankyou for letting us be a part this year and thankyou for undertaking such a worthwhile mission.
Mary Bagorio Jun 13, 2014

hi i love this program but i think there should be many more like it... maybe starting with the drug overdoses of heroin and opiates.. just food for thought but this is a terrific program and i wish i couldve perticipated
julia yeckley May 26, 2014

My name is Mary Bagorio and today is May 21, 2014. My daughter Misty who is graduating this year from Granada High School participated in this years "EVERY 15 MINUTES" program and video. It was the most heartwrenching thing I have ever done in my life, aside from losing loved ones. I know that this program is effective for raising awareness and preventing fatalities from alcohol related accidents. I hope that it can continue far into the future. We are so proud to have been a small part of such a powerful message. My daughter that graduated from Granada High in 2004 still remembers it clearly and says she will never drive drunk or with a drunk driver EVER after watching the presentation. It brings families closer together AND save lives! What could be more important than that?
Mary Bagorio May 23, 2014

My old school in new rochelle was a part of every 15 min after watching it on youtube it made me want to show my friends how great this program is and it is beyond amazing how students can put together something to show others how the dangers of driving inpaired can really affect people.
kayla May 5, 2014

The first time I took part in this program was my freshman year at Elsie Allen. The reenactment and memorial taught me things I have yet to forget. The "undertaker's " speech about being the last one to wash the glass out of my hair for my funeral shook me to my core. The idea has stuck with me for years. In addition to that, the tragic story about the man losing his friends at the lake makes me think about everything my friends and I do when we're in a vehicle. Sure it's fun to go fast, or do "risky things" but it's stupid and absolutely not worth losing my friends or possibly taking someone else's life. Because of this program I continue to make good decisions and make sure those around me do the same. I've even thrown a guys keys in a bush. I saw the program for the second time today, at Santa Rosa High School. The program still has the same chilling effect on me and sends me into tears imagining if one of my friends or family were lost to this preventable tragedy. Thank you so much for everything, if it weren't for this program it's likely I wouldn't really consider the consequences having not seen them firsthand. You've made a huge impact on my life, and the lives of my friends and family. Thank you.
Lena Sparkles May 1, 2014

I would like to say big thank you to the parents and the participating students for supporting this year's program. Also, all the personnel participating in the mock accident. Without the support of so many, this could not have taken place. I hope each and everyone continues to spread the message and enjoy a safe prom. To our student participants: remember what we talked about and remember to be there for not only each other but everyone else you touch!
Chad Apr 24, 2014

Every 15 Minutes is such an amazing program put on and the effects it has on people are pretty amazing. I hate how some kids laughed and scoffed at what was going on and thought it was completely stupid, but hopefully in the end they learn something from it because this time it's not real, but next time it could be. You never know when it could happen or who it could happen to. Truly an amazing program♥♥
Brianna Cox Apr 23, 2014

Today My School Experienced The Every 15 Minutes Program And The Group That Put It On Did An Excellent Job. I Think This Is A Very Successful And Affective Eye Opening Experience For All Students. Thank You!
Anthony A Apr 16, 2014

I am so grateful that I had the chance to be apart of something that changed the lives around me. Everything we did and talked about was very emotional but it was a very good eye opener to change the way that I look at life everyday. Thank you so much for putting this program together.
Brittney Anderson May 1, 2013

Our high school had it's Every 15 Minutes program yesterday- I was the accident deceased that went through the windshield. I can't tell you how painful it was to hear my friends and family screaming and crying while I was laying there doing nothing- but it's real life- this is what happens. Its such an amazing and breathtaking program to be involved in an witness. I'd do it all again even if it means saving just one life.
Madeline Vicari Apr 30, 2013

Today at school we had Every 15 Minutes. It was so scary that is was so realistic. We had a grim reaper walking around school all day taking students out of class every 15 minutes. It was really sad and made you think about all the deaths that happen that you really don't even think about; that you may not even know about.I love this program and I wish our schools did it every year.
Caitlyn Price Apr 16, 2013

I would love for this program to come here as a lot of the teenagers drink at our schools, some of them including my younger brothers and I believe that this program would really impact our school.
Miki Apr 16, 2013

Today my high school (Lebanon High school) did this it really opened my eyes seeing my friends "die" was very scary but defiantly a slap in the face and caused everyone to wake up about drinking and driving.
Anna K. Apr 11, 2013

Roxbury High School held the Every 15 Minutes program over the last 2 days! More schools/towns should invest in this program. Both my son and I participated and we feel so honored to have had the privilege to do so! Way to go Roxbury P.D.!
Mary Ann Dundon Apr 10, 2013

Today March 27th Turlock High School participated in the program every 15 minutes. It really hit home to some of us it was a great program.
Kayla Mar 28, 2013

Today was the final day of the 15 minutes program at my school. I was honored to be a living dead student and experience the power that death has on family and friends. I have never seen my friends cry so hard, than when the did at my funeral. Thank you to all of the officers who put this program together. You are saving lives.
Kelsey Mar 16, 2013

On Thursday my school, West Ranch High School, took part in Every 15 Minutes. I think it's a great idea, and impacted many people.
claire Feb 2, 2013

Wow..I had this going on today at my high school. I'm in West Ranch, and to think, that if any of that was real, it would be a total devastation.I learn a great lesson not to drink, text, or talk on the phone while driving. Never in my life, would I let this happen to my friends, or even myself.
Amanda Guirguis Jan 31, 2013

Hello, I am Sharon and I go to Delphi Community High School. As of right now I am in 10th grade. I have heard SO much about this program and REALLY hope Delphi schedules a program one year so that I can see it or maybe even have the most amazing privilege to participate in it. I have had my own experiences being a victim of a drunk driving accident. (I don't drink but my dad was driving drunk.) If it wasn't for the airbag I probably would've gone through the windshield or hit my head on the dashboard. I thank go every day that I was not killed in this wreck. But, Delphi really needs to have this program come before I graduate. (:
Sharon Campbell Jan 22, 2013

This year, I am a junior, and my school, due to budget cuts, had to do this program with the Juniors and Seniors together. I really wanted to be a part of this program. And Im honestly still upset that I wasn't. But it really opened my eyes. And I "lost" a lot of friends and people that I knew that day. I hope they can raise the funds to do this next year. *please please*
Payge Bell Jan 6, 2013

Hi this is shiv from Bensalem high school in Bensalem pa 19020. I have watched your videos and I would love for you to come to my school because we are in a new program called students against destructive decision. It would help us get our message across if you could come and stage one of these incidents to show the kids what it really feels like. I don't know the chance you could come but it would be exceptional and I'd never be able to thank you enough.
Shiv Jan 4, 2013

I've been watching these videos recently and I would love for you guys to come to our school, Naperville North Highschool!
Maha Dec 18, 2012

My little brother who was only 19 passed away on October 26th 2012 due to an alcohol related accident, the driver lived. We live in a small town, over 500 people went to his funeral. I'd REALLY like Every 15 Minutes to host an event ANYWHERE in our town...at the high school, at a park, anywhere! I think it would really help. My older brother would also love to speak at the event and share our story and try to encourage other teens to avoid drinking & driving. Thanks & RIP to all those in Heaven who lost their lives & I pray for the families who have losed a loved one, I know how hard it is.
Samantha Dec 3, 2012

these videos are so important. i was crying when i seen the castro valley high video.
shytia Nov 26, 2012

I have recently seen the "Every 15 Minute" videos on youtube. It has changed my view on driving completely. I could not believe the shock I was in after seeing these videos. I love this idea and I am hoping to do something like this at my high school. I believe it could change a lot of students view and drinking and driving. Thank you for making a change.
Kaelea Vincion Nov 24, 2012

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